Can’t Finish that Cabernet? CapaBunga Wine Caps to the Rescue

Perhaps you’re dining alone on a school night, or maybe your eyes are bigger than your liver. Heck, maybe your preteen daughter opened all your cab francs at once and then used the corks for an art project. Whatever the reason, there occasionally comes a time when you just can’t finish that bottle of wine and still be a responsible member of society. What to do with the leftovers? Leaving it unsealed will turn it skunky fast. Trying to recork it after you mangled the thing can be like un-ringing a bell. But there is a better way. Behold CapaBunga, a nifty, liquid-tight, reusable silicone cap that reseals uncorked bottles of wine better and easier than anything else out there.

Once your precious liquid has been CapaBungified, the bottle won’t dream of leaking,  whether you lay it on its side, hang it upside down, or smash it against a wall. Just kidding about that last one, people, it’s not magic, but it is the next best thing. You can order these glug plugs decorated with whimsical sayings, holiday sentiments, or custom designs of your own at Now excuse us while we pop open this 2007 Opus One to sip with lunch. 
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