Buy a Walkman While You Still Can

I have a friend who lives in Bushwick who swears by the superior quality of the hissy analog cassette for one of these three reasons: 1) He is a humongous douche-nozzle, too hip even for vinyl. 2) He is not computer-savvy enough to figure out how to download music for free, and buying used cassettes is the cheapest alternative. 3) He actually thinks cassettes sound better than records, CDs, and Mp3s. Well, if you are like my friend, then today is a sad day, because Sony has discontinued the Walkman for good.

First launched in 1979, the last Walkmans are in stores now, and will soon go the way of the 3.5-inch floppy disk, which went extinct last April when Sony ceased production. Buy one before they’re gone! Or better yet, come by my parents house and choose from a garage full of those bulky yellow “sport” ones from the nineties. With no more new Walkmans on the market, those old ones might even be valuable one day.

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