Buy a Cow for Christmas, and Other Last Minute Gifts

Today is the last day to rush out and buy gifts for the loved ones (or not so loved ones) in your life. Undoubtedly there will be lines, long long lines of frazzled Christmas shoppers looking for the perfect, or rather, the whatever-they-can-find gift. Instead of running out to the stores and playing elbow hockey with some dude over the last red Canon Powershot at Best Buy, go ahead and buy your loved ones a bright and shiny gift that will arrive in their inbox. (Make sure they check their spam folder, just in case). Here’s a quick and dirty guide to some last minute gifts available online:

1. For the do-gooder. Buy them a cow. For real. Or a part of a cow. And no, I don’t mean a steak. This cow is for charity. Heifer International — gotta love that name — is an organization that gifts animals to families who can use cows (or llamas, sheep or water buffalo) to provide for their families. You can buy a whole cow, or just $20 worth of one, and the notice saying you’ve donated livestock as a gift will show up in the giftee’s inbox.

2. For the teenager or anyone you can’t think of a good gift for: iTunes. Load up some bucks on an iTunes gift certificate and press send. Voila. Best gift ever.

3. For the foodie: They’ve even got a special right now, $25 gift certificates for only $10. And they’re printable and emailable.

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