Buenos Aires Dispatch: The Summer’s First Arty Midnight Pool Party

While the northern hemisphere dons parkas and heads for cover, it’s heating up down here in Buenos Aires. And besides month-long escapes to the beach, southern hemisphere summer means the opportunity to move parties outdoors. Where better for BlackBook to celebrate the beginning of the season than the latest property from Oasis Collections, a private clubhouse perfectly equipped for riding out the year’s most sweltering months. Consider the Oasis Clubhouse an anti-Isabel: demure swank designed to wow those with more discerning tastes; a spot for people who appreciate some crawling ivy with their grownup play spaces. Plus, there’s a pool.

While a pool, a French DJ, and some free booze would have probably been more than adequate, BlackBook and Oasis decided to get a little bit cultured, especially since it was right around Art Basel time anyway. We called up Daniela Luna of Appetite Gallery and asked her to bring some favorite works to take over the space, making it a poolside downtown type party where artists and suits could co-mingle peacefully. Emerging artists took to the hills of the grassy knoll behind the pool, chain-smoking and giggling under the stars. Well-coiffed internationals traded languages and business cards over full glasses of champagne and generously-poured cocktails. Most attendees made an earnest effort to browse the other art pieces displayed throughout the house, pausing to check out the band hidden in the ping pong room.

After a few rounds, some brave and built porteños dove into the pool for the summer’s inaugural nightswimming. That Appetite cage from ArteBA and its dreamy dancing occupant made another brief appearance, this time outdoors, and somehow mosquitoes left everyone unscathed. While things were over early for local standards, it seemed that everyone who arrived got what they came for, whether it was contacts, a fit starving artist, or an in to go swimming all summer. Don’t miss the chance to partake in future festivities here, BlackBook-related or not.

Photo by Adrien de Bontin

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