Budget Airline Making You Pay to Pee

It might come to this. This week already saw one airline, Spirit, start charging for carry-on bags, and now Ryanair is considering charging passengers to use the restroom. The cheapo Irish airline, which operates flights from the UK and Ireland to continental Europe, published its evil thoughts in their inflight magazine under the header “Ryanair Cost Saving Proposal.”

Under the proposed plan, Ryanair would charge passengers 1 euro or 1 British pound to use the potty on flights lasting less than an hour. The airline says it is working with Boeing to create a coin-operated door handle for plane lavatories. (Makes us wonder what would happen if a flight was delayed, would potty usage become free after one hour of sitting on the runway? We’re guessing not.) Also part of the plan, the airline would consider removing one of the three lavatories on each plane to make room for up to six additional seats.

Sure, one euro isn’t a princely sum, but a pay-to-piss policy would take flying to a new low in charmless, comfortless travel. Yes, Ryanair is dirt cheap (flights start at 5 pounds, or $7.61, plus taxes and fees), but the airline’s flights already tend to feel like cattle calls. At least let the cows answer nature’s call for free.

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