‘Breaking Bad”s Bryan Cranston Breaks a Short Film

Bryan Cranston is hot. The finale of his series Breaking Bad emptied the streets as fans gathered to celebrate and mourn. His movie career, after a pivotal role in the Best Picture of the Year Argo, has him in high-demand. With all this going on, he took a couple of days to shoot a short film, Writers Block, with an impromptu script. The film will screen this Sunday, October 6th at the Pine Box Rock Shop, (12 Grattan Street, Brooklyn.) There are seats available for those of you who need to feed your Bryan Cranston addiction. Lela Edgar, a brilliant photographer who has shot for this column, co-stars in this flick as the girl of his dreams.  She kissed our hero (on screen). Bryan Cranston took  time off from the Breaking Bad hype to make sure that some film people on the way up would break good. 



Writers block, a 2 day shoot, an impromptu script and a star that has become a diety how did you stay focused.? Were you starstruck?
Lela Edgar: Yes I suppose that’s true that Bryan has become a bit of a God to some!  To many it seems.  The second I met him though I felt instantly at ease so no, not really star struck.  He is down to earth and seems to simply enjoy the art of creating for all it’s worth so he is really easy to be around.  
Tell me about the film.
Well I don’t want to give too much away. Essentially, it explores a writer in the midst of his writer’s block, what that might look like.  But there is much open to interpretation. It was great fun to create as we had so few hours to do it and everyone had such enthusiasm for the project.  There is something great about a group of people coming together to create something out of thin air.
Why would Bryan do this?
That’s an excellent question. I remember being in awe of his character when he opted to create with a group of PA’s and others impromptu style.. just because. I think he wanted to be supportive of those at the beginning of their careers.  I also think he simply enjoys the creative process!
You play the girl of his dreams…literally… did you get to kiss him?  
Um.. yes.  He was perfectly lovely. Very much a gentleman.
This sunday there is a screening at the Pine Box Rock Shop, Brooklyn with all the hype around the season finale of breaking bad this should be huge.
Yes I started watching Breaking Bad recently myself.  I ended up binge watching all the seasons!  I think the screening will be a good time.  I look forward to being with a group of creative people and supporting this work.  There will be talk back immediately following the screening with myself and the editor of the film Erin Clancy. 
You are a great photographer—it’s your day job. How does it feel to be on that side of the lens?
Thanks. I love photography and it has provided some more fuel for the creative fire.  Being in front of the camera actually came first.  I used to work a bit in print in the olden days and I have been working as an actor on and off for about 10 years now.
What are you photography goals, ambitions and how about more acting? Did you catch the bug?
I caught the bug a long time ago actually.  I used to dress up as Shirley Temple on Thanksgiving no joke.  I wanted my family to think of me as an actress starting I would say age seven. I moved back from LA a year or so ago so I am still getting going here in New York. My goal of course is to be working nonstop. I love comedy and trained at Acme Comedy Theatre but I am also a lover of the deeper darker film. One of my dream directors for example would be David Lynch.
What’s next for writer’s block?
Writer’s Block is set to come out on ITunes this fall!

Bryan Cranston "Writer’s Block" Teaser from Brandon Polanco on Vimeo.


Main image – Photo by:  Jammi York, Styling by: Alisha Trimble

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