Bow Wow Denies Oral Sex Tweet

All Hip Hop is reporting that rapper Bow Wow has responded to the recent charges that he accidentally asked 400,000 plus fans for oral sex by Twitter Direct Message. The rapper claims that the message, which read “how much for some dome how far are you from richmond,” is a Photoshopped forgery created to besmirch his good name. “I have damn near have 500,000 followers on Twitter. If I were to tweet such foolishness it would have been all over Twitter in a matter of seconds. I don’t know why people feel the need to try to shit on my name or what I represent.” I’m sort of unclear on what Bow Wow represents exactly (a love for bas-ket-ball?) and, I would personally be more concerned about the allegations of terrible grammar/punctuation, but at least we can now put this long national nightmare behind us (the oral sex allegations, not the continued career of Bow Wow).

This isn’t the first time Bow Wow has caught flack for a tweet. Back in January, he tweeted that he had been driving drunk after a New Year’s Eve party with Chris Brown. In response to protests, Wow issued an apology: “It was stupid and immature. not a way i want to kick my #2010 year off. i got too much good stuff lined up. my bad.” I can only presume that he was referring to hanging out with Chris Brown.

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