No World Cup No Cry

While everyone was freaking out over the Stanley Cup, I attended a super Rasta-vibe dinner and drinks situation at the famous Miss Lily’s. The Marley offspring had taken over the restaurant to showcase the Marley Apparel collection launch — featuring a soccer capsule — and constructed it into a Jamaican paradise, with food coming out of the kitchen by the second, and everyone’s cup overflowing with sangria. Anything Bob Marley you could think of covered the space from top to bottom, and his best songs pleasantly played in repeat. They were even handing out delicious Bob Marley-named juices made of pineapple and ginger. The Marley-sphere paired really well with the location and the food hit just the right spots to place you in a mini paradise that would make anyone forget about the World Cup, at least until you had to walk outside for a cigarette and hear the whole block screaming.

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