BLACKBOOK PREMIERE: A Brooklyn Guide to Alice Kristiansen’s Stunning New Video for ‘Lost My Mind’

Alice Kristiansen first garnered attention in 2015, when the then 19-year-old covered Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams,” stripping it down to its visceral essence. It’s since racked up nearly 3.5 million YouTube views. Her stark, affecting version of Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness” also went viral, making her something of a sensation.

In 2017, the angelic-voiced songstress is very much focused on making her own music, however. And her honest, emotionally piercing new single ‘Lost My Mind” could easily be her surely inevitable breakthrough. Where Ms. Del Rey tends towards the weepy and maudlin, Alice’s words shimmer with strength and self-possession (“If I don’t make sense / Please forgive me / I can’t sleep at night”). And the music, with its majestic sweep of mournful strings, provides an epic backdrop to her starkly passionate, shiver-inducing vocal delivery.

“After almost a year, it’s so exciting to be releasing original music again,” she enthuses. “It’s been great to take some time and really develop what I want my sound to be – I hope that listeners can find something they connect to in my songs and get to know me better through my music.”

The accompanying video, which BlackBook premieres here, is something of an existential meditation on emotional desolation and loneliness. It was strikingly filmed at several particularly vivid locations around Brooklyn.

“It was very much a personal project,” she explains, “and I got to be super hands-on with it. Creating the concept, going down to Brooklyn and filming, looking at every shot and helping edit – so I’m really excited for my fans to be able to see it.”

We also asked her to take us around to some of the places she visited during the filming – a few of which have remained her personal favorites.




Definitely a touristy spot, but beautiful all the same! We got some great shots here at sunset and the views of the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge are to die for. I would recommend spending a couple of hours here at least once, just wandering around the cobblestone streets and popping into some of the local coffee shops; or just sitting down by the water to people watch.

Forrest Point

This spot was just a couple blocks down from my friend’s apartment and I spent about a year just passing by, admiring their neon sign, before ever going in. We finally did one night before going to see a show and I wasn’t disappointed. I got their quinoa salad & a whiskey sour and both were delicious. Also the décor inside was amazing and I couldn’t help but snap a picture for Instagram before we left.


We spent at least an hour wandering around Williamsburg looking for good spots to film and found this gem by accident. The huge windows were great for the video, but also lovely to people watch from. Great Swedish coffee and pastries. Try the pumpkin spice muffin if you get the chance!


This place is a chain that can be found almost anywhere in NYC, but I am unabashedly obsessed with their “Guacamole Greens” salad. The set up is similar to Chipotle, with an open kitchen and all the fresh vegetables on display. Great if you need to pick up something quick to go – I often grab something to eat here before I have a session.

Artists & Fleas

Great market to do some unique shopping, they feature many different vendors – ranging from handmade jewelry to vintage clothing. Definitely worth checking out even to just look around.




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