BlackBook Kicks Off GunBar Wednesdays

Yesterday evening, a new Wednesday night party got off to a promising start at GunBar, that new Disneyland dive bar (think underground space, graffiti-filled walls, and really, really clean) in the Meatpacking District, when BlackBook and Heineken gave a bunch of youngsters a good reason to blow off work the next day.

BlackBook’s resident nightlife philosopher Steve Lewis got things going behind the DJ booth with classic rock tunes that were loud and proud, before handing off laptop duties to Gunbar’s resident Wednesday night music man, DJ Martial. Kirill Bichutsky and his trusty SLR were everywhere, snapping stills of the sexy and non-sexy alike (just kidding, everyone there was sexy). GunBar’s pièce de résistance, a fully-functioning tattoo bar from Daredevil Tattoo NYC, was out in full force. Check out our gallery for pics. For the whole shebang, head to Kirill Was Here, because boy, was he ever.

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