BlackBook Holiday Fête Presented by Patrón @ Stash

Not only did our immortal nightlife columnist Steve Lewis design the interior of Stash, the new cozy crypt tucked beneath Snap and The Darby, but on Wednesday night he filled the joint with his patented raucous rock. The occasion was a holiday party of sorts, sponsored by the generous folks at Patrón.

Mr. Lewis was joined by his fellow 4AM DJ, DJ Sinatra, who played to a crowd that indulged in specially-crafted cocktails. They included the BlackBook Holiday Fête-arita, Patrón Cosmopoliday, and Ultimat BlackBook Buzz. Drinks were soaked up with Patron infused Baked By Melissa cupcakes. Yep, it was that kind of night. The lovely photos you see below were snapped by Julian Cavin, and special thanks go out to STASH and Bloc Group, 4AM, and The Adventure Project, where you can make a donation to help in Haiti. Thank you very much! 

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