BlackBook Exclusive: French DJ Klingande’s Fave Places in Marseille


Klingande’s blowout finale at Bushwick’s Bang On! Warehouse Halloween party raged with corset wearing fire eaters and a saxaphone solo. After months of touring in some of the top venues around the world, the French producer, musician and DJ show has just fans care about. “I always, always, always tour with live musicians. I have the sax and the violin, and when I can I do the full band.”

Cédric Steinmyller may not be a household name – but his sound burst onto the EDM scene in 2013 like a breathe of fresh air. Under the nom de guerre Klingande, his breakaway hit “Jubel” introduced live saxophone to the DJ stage, and helped pave the way for tropical house music. The genre is loose and relaxed, and at 110-115 BPM, is far slower than traditional most commercial EDM.

Klingande is a musician first, so no surprise that his shows reach far beyond the model of solo DJ spinning records. Tapping into ’80s nostalgia was key, and as he confirms, “People were wanting something different onstage. Five years ago there was a lot of [similar] EDM stuff, and people got bored of that. This was a refreshing change.”



Five years is a long time – but how has his sound changed? It seems that collaboration is the key. “I [still] love writing with singers and having someone to exchange [ideas with] makes the process way easier. At the end I still have to stick to my stamp for sure; but I want to be able to explore something new as well.”

In the close knit world of EDM, DJs often work together to progress their sounds. And while Klingande’s music is moodier than a tropical flow, he insists, “I don’t really care what people expect from me. I don’t do collabs for the names, I just want to do it when it’s good friends.” Even still, those names have included Autograf, Dragonette and fellow saxophone lovers Goldfish.

Now that the tour is over, Klingande is France-bound and eager to finish his next album, but “it’s not about writing anymore, it’s about producing.” So what can we expect? “I just want to make happy music, to be honest, I just want people to feel good when they listen to it.”

Where does Cédric go when he wants to unwind and let his creative juices flow? “One of my favorite cities in France is Marseille – for a moment I actually wanted to move there.”


Klingande’s Fave Places in Marseille

The Mucem

With a focus on the civilization of the 21st Century, it’s not just a walk in the park. Although the gardens at Fort Saint Jean are tranquil and lush. Located on the waterfront with rotating artists and a screening room, their events are always combining the old world Marseille with the booming contemporary city.



Le Peron

A restaurant in old port of Marseille with a beautiful view on the Mediterranean Sea. Amazing food, I love it! (On the menu: mullet smoked with cedar wood, whiting in caper sauce, ravioli of Carteau mussels)



Carry Nation

For great cocktails in a speakeasy ambiance, I would definitely recommend this spot. (For mixology aficionados, they make their own spirits, and even hold Master Class Bar Workshops.)



R2 Rooftop

This is an outdoor venue on a stylish rooftop overlooking the sea. I play here every summer. Certainly the best spot in Marseille to party, dance, watch the sunset, and have a few good drinks. Reverso, one floor below, also serves excellent bar food.


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