BlackBook Exclusive: Artful Cocktail Recipes from NYC’s Dazzling Straylight Bar at Juku


When Juku opened on the southern end of Mulberry Street in late 2018, it particularly amped up that already trending NoLIta – Chinatown nexus. In fact, it actually took over the space that had housed Le Baron, Monsieur Andre’s first non-Paris fashion-magnet venue.

The sprawling new tri-level nightspot, however, was designed less for fashionista preening, and more for astonishing the senses of downtown denizens who like a bit of pageantry with their sashimi. It has since become known for its excellent izakaya offerings – but also for its sensationalĀ Straylight bar, which offers cocktails “omakase” style, in the eye-popping surrounds of what is a veritable living art installation – complete with stained glass ceiling and lavender stairwell.

But it’s not all just spectacle. The tipples themselves are some of the most creatively and visually realized (in a city full of trying-too-hard bartenders), but without the 38-ingredient pretension of so many others. So we tapped their exalted drinks alchemist Jamie Jones to give us the secrets behind a few of their most popular – though we highly recommend sipping them in situ, for that proper sense of dazzle.



Bulleit Train (pictured top)

Stirred, Whiskey Glass
1 Bulleit Bourbon
1 Sesame Bourbon
3/8 Oloroso Sherry
1/4 Honey Ginger
5 d Matcha Cacao Angostura
pinch Salt
Garnish: Matcha Dust


White Geisha

Shaken, Nick & Nora Glass
2 Sushi Rice Gin
3/8 Lemon
5/8 Myoga Cointreau Banane
Garnish: Sesame Oil Drops


Shiso Dumbo Shiso Leaf

Shaken, Dumbo & Baby Coupe
2 Shiso Coconut Gin
3/8 lemon
3/8 simple
3 d Rose Water
1 bar spoon Giffard Creme de Violette



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