BlackBook Endorses Barack Obama

“Hope,” reads artist Shepard Fairey’s now-iconic pop art posters depicting presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama. It’s not just the art world that pinned its hopes on the Democratic senator from Illinois early on. That one-word tribute sums up the profound feeling that will bring millions of Americans to the voting booths on November 4: Obama is a beacon of hope for a disillusioned public desperate for an intelligent and committed leader who can help this nation recover from the dire consequences of eight years under the Bush administration. He represents our hope for a leader in tune with the needs, fears, and frustrations of this diverse nation, a candidate, whom, we believe, is most willing to end an unjust war in Iraq, and best prepared to help us bounce back from a devastating economic freefall. Senator Obama also offers our greatest hope for increased healthcare for all Americans, and for a commitment to a greener future.

Hope is the flipside of what his Republican counterpart has offered up this election: cynicism. In choosing Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate, Senator John McCain did a grave disservice to his campaign, and to the voters of this nation, women and men, who will not be hoodwinked by a folksy charm that cannot mask inexperience and inability.

On the issue of experience, Obama’s resume is shorter than McCain’s, certainly, but throughout his campaign he has demonstrated his steady command of the issues and a clear-sighted vision to lead the nation through them.

And, yes, Obama has got great style — but even greater substance. BlackBook places its hopes in Barack Obama, and encourages all of our readers to vote decisively this Election Day. It will be a sad day for comedy writers, perhaps, but a hopeful one for us all.

— Ray Rogers, Editor-in-Chief

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