Big Night for the Big C

The Big C — Showtime’s female-aimed answer to Breaking Bad — premiers tonight along with a new season of Weeds. The New Yorker’s Nancy Franklin has mixed feelings. In a nutshell, Franklin thinks the show is so-so, but Laura Linney is fantastic. This sounds about right, as it’s essentially how I feel about the last few seasons of Weeds and Nurse Jackie; the stars (Marie-Louise Parker and Edie Falco, respectively) outshine the scripts. (For more of my thoughts on Weeds go here and here.)

The concept of the Big C — woman finds out she has terminal cancer, decides to really start living — sounds Lifetime-y i.e. un-apologetically designed to pluck the strings of our cheaply won hearts. But don’t underestimate Linney. She brings integrity and depth to her projects, always projecting an honest and often devastating sadness from her WASP-blue eyes. Curious to see how it turns out.

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