Better Travel Through Goby

A neat website launched yesterday, and it’s called Goby (Go-Be). The design is clearly inspired by Google, and the Goby fish logo makes the whole thing cute in a Nemo mode. The way the search engine works is pretty sweet. There’s three spots to enter in your information, the What, the Where, and the When. When you start typing in the tabs, the menu drops down to suggest items for you, showing what they have on tap already. Once you enter in your particulars, the engine crawls hundreds of vetted sites to give you items of interest in your suggested time period.

Goby’s definitely still working some things out: I put in “Outdoor Activities” “New York, NY” and “Next 7 days,” and it popped up some cool fishing and hiking I could do, but it also showed me a Mother’s Day cruise that I could attend, which would be interesting except for the fact that Mother’s Day is in May. That aside, this concept is super cool … it’s neat to think about just typing in where you’re going and what you feel like doing and when, and getting back a bunch of hyper-local options. Beats the hell out of perusing the local paper. One big flaw: doesn’t work on Safari, just Firefox.

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