“Best Job In the World” Looking for Four More

The contest that kicked off all the “amazing job” contests, the one over in Hamilton Island, Australia, is looking for four “assistants” to join the winner, Ben Southall on the island. Ben, who beat out thousands of applicants and 50 finalists, seems to be swamped with his duties of exploring the islands and blogging about it. Since he’s so overwhelmed with having fun, snorkeling, and cavorting around with his girlfriend on the island, he’s asking for four assistants to help him with his work. Looks like there’s a second chance at this extended vacation! While there isn’t much detail yet about how to apply, or what exactly you’d be doing as an assistant (or where you’d be staying, for that matter), applications will start to be accepted as of August 26th. Check back to Ben’s blog to get more details.

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