“Best Job in the World” Comes to an End

In 2009, there was a contest over in Hamilton Island, Australia to win the “Best Job in the World.” In 2010, that job comes to an end. The sweet gig, which gave Ben Southall a cool $100,000 and a six month “gig” where he blogged and took photos of his amazing adventures snorkeling, jet skiing, spelunking, and otherwise having a fabulous time, is now over. However, Ben’s time in the spotlight is not. He’s parlayed his six months of fame into a full time tourism gig. That’s what a sixty-second video and lots of luck can get you!

His newest gig is in the same “lucky-duck” category that his previous gig was in. He gets to roam between the 14 Queensland tourism offices around the world, promoting Hamilton Island and Queensland, talking up how awesome his time was and how you should go check it out for yourself. While he might not be spending as much time swimming, surfing and sunning, he’ll be able to flex his travel wings and check out some great places — Tourism Queensland has offices in the United States, Japan, China, and New Zealand.

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