Another Automatic Date Win: Tonight’s Meteor Shower

Did you miss the last meteor shower? If so, the skies are giving you a another chance to gaze at the heavens while a dazzling display of meteors zoom by overhead. It’s advisable to get as far away from city lights as possible so you can get the best view of the streaking meteors. If you can’t possibly get out, get high — most rooftops will work as long as they can give you a sizable patch of sky to check out. The meteors in question are called the Orionids, and the peak time for viewing is 3am New York time. However,

“The best time to watch will be between 1 a.m. and dawn local time Wednesday morning, regardless of your location. That’s when the patch of Earth you are standing on is barreling headlong into space on Earth’s orbital track, and meteors get scooped up like bugs on a windshield,” said Robert Roy Britt on If you’re in SoCal, the best places to view the Orionid showers are within the Red Rock Canyon State Park and, of course, Joshua Tree National Park. If you’re in New York, just do your best to get out of the city, but even if you can’t, you should still be able to see some showers if you look up. Tweet about the showers all night long with all the other meteorheads — just use the hashtag #meteorshower.

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