An Artist Wears Fly Legs As Eyelashes, Art

I used to like art. I was the sort of person who would drag their friends to the Met on a Friday night to see a Caravaggio painting one more time. “But Mike, you have seen that painting many times,” my friends would say, “Can’t we just look at it on the Google?” “No,” I would say, “art is important and we must experience it every day or die a little inside with each moment that we do not experience art.” I would look at the painting and then I would go home and hug my compilation book of Edward Hopper prints and sob into my pillow, “ART.” Well, that was all before I saw this video.

Here, Jessica Harrison wears fly legs as eyelashes in an exhibit titled Flylashes and (after making that horrible pun) terms it a “video sculpture.” I guess I don’t know as much about art as I thought I did, since I thought that videos and sculptures were different. ART! Nausea induced insomnia! The two are sometimes closer than you would think.

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