Amy Sacco and Jamie Hatchett’s Montauk No.8 Pop-Up

I’m not quite back yet from my take it easy it’s the end of summer mindset, but I will soon tell you about some openings that are about to happen and why they may or may not float your boat. Something cool happened this past weekend. I found myself out in Montauk, a place I enjoy in dead winter but avoid during season. I guess I’m less tolerant of traffic and a lot of the pretentious bullshit The Hamptons, and now Montauk, seem to propagate. I went reluctantly then I had fun. It started poolside at Montauk Beach Club where I and my merry band relaxed waiting for my DJ gig later that night. Kelly Bruce and Jessica Fafara showed us why Cointreau, Heineken Light, and Perrier should always be considered. It was the closing event for Sound Waves and I was treated like Elvis (the skinny, hot version) and we relaxed into a pretty cool scene. My crew included my DJ partner for the night, Uncle Mike, DJ Johnny Scuotto and Amanda Noa.

Our gig at Harbor was hosted by Jamie Hatchett and No.8’s Amy Sacco. It was a great party, the best I ever DJ’d at, and I have been doing this for a minute. Jamie and Amy brought in a smart set of adult revelers. They showed me that the real can still be created. We refused any requests for Pop, Hip Hop, House and other predictable formulas and kept the sound fun and extremely dance-y. The people were screaming and climbing the walls . Amy dropped a couple ice buckets on her head and showed us why she is the hostess with the most-est. Jamie Hatchett and his door crew turned away hundreds while curating a great mix of people. The place made bank as well. By not offering the same ol’ same ol’ music and predictable napkin tossing and sparklers and such and steering into a party rather than a club night, they found a brilliant balance. I want to do it again.

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