Airport Navigator Needs the App Treatment

Travel + Leisure came out with a rather cool feature on their site this summer, but it’s not nearly as cool as it could be. The feature is called the “Airport Navigator,” and it has detailed lists of hotspots to check out inside airport terminals — restaurants, spas, shopping, and things to do. Once you click through the listings, you can see ratings and leave comments. The LA Times pointed out that the site could definitely use maps of the terminals, because as it stands now, there are no visual clues about how to get around to these recommended spots. But really, duh — the Airport Navigator should be an iPhone app.

People on the go are not likely to pull out their laptop (or pull up the resource-heavy T+L site on their mobile) and hunt around to figure out what they want to do. T+L should just launch this as an app so people could map out the terminal in their hand and see what’s close, what’s recommended, and how to get there. It would also be nice to include airports inside the United States; since none are so far. However, places like Vancouver, Rome, Singapore, Buenos Aires, and Cairo are on the list. Let’s bring it home, and go mobile.

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