Air Weddings, Machu Picchu Fast Food, Rowdy Funerals

image● Virgin America sent out an incredible offer this morning: You can put a ring on it 30,000 feet. You get to take over their Clubhouses for the bachelor and bachelorette parties, then take off with up to 300 guests for your wedding in the sky, complete with pilot officiator and air hostess bridesmaids. Then you’ll enjoy a champagne reception (with real champagne flutes), followed by a three-course meal and speeches through the headphones. It’s all the excitement of a wedding, elopement, and honeymoon rolled into one. Check out all the details here.

● Despite local protests, the opening of a fast food restaurant at Machu Picchu has been given the green light by Peruvian officials this morning. In the interests of tackling obesity, the restaurant will be placed at the top of Machu Picchu, which means you’ll have to burn a few calories to get there. And permission has been granted with the condition that Inca burgers must be on the menu. Speculation is rife as to which fast food chain will get the lucrative contract. So far, neither McDonald’s nor Burger King have made any official comment on the subject. Locals have until midday today to appeal against the decision. Chime in here.

● Improv Everywhere, the pranksters responsible for the famous Grand Central Freeze and the more recent High Five on the 6 train, staged a rather unusual prank for their latest mission: The Best Funeral Ever. They had agents show up to “pack” the funeral, solemnly lining up to pay their respects and hand tissues to the grieving family. See photos and video here.

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