Air Conditioned Sand in Dubai

image Dubai is like a giant Hollywood set, what with a giant, artificially chilled ski slope enclosed in a dome that sits on a hot sandy beach, a huge indoor aquatic center within the Atlantis–filled with 28 dolphins swimming around, and now, the beginnings of plans to pipe A/C underneath the sandy beaches, so sunbathers can enjoy some cool sand while they sun. Though this plan sounds a tad preposterous, it’s possible. The proposed “cool sand beach” will be part of the Palazzo Versace property, due to open in early 2011, and there’s been talk of forcing the air-conditioned exhaust air from the hotel through the sand, or perhaps to use something as banal as sun shades and landscaping to cool the sand down. They could also pipe in sea-water to spray over the sand, or plant trees for some natural shade. A little sci-fi, a little ridiculous, and totally Dubai.

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