Afternoon Links: Whoopi Lashes Out at the Times, Tiger Woods Spits Up

● The new Spider-Man movie, starring Andrew Garfield, has itself a cocky new title: The Amazing Spider-Man. [/Film] ● Whoopi Goldberg is hurt and confused after the New York Times omitted her name from an article about the white-washing of this year’s Oscar nominees. It’s how I felt when my name was left off a recent Times expose about slightly overweight, sexually immature bloggers. [TMZ] ● Last night’s Grammy’s telecast got its best rating in ten years, meaning everyone got to see Rihanna’s backup dancers for the despicable cowards they truly are. [HuffPo]

● Tiger Woods got some heat when he was caught spitting on the golf course at the Dubai Desert Classic golf tournament, proving that not even he can avoid controversy. [VF] ● Watch Aziz Ansari demonstrate his flawless storytelling skills with this very entertaining story about an New Year’s Eve encounter with Jay-Z. [Gawker.TV] ● Anna Wintour gets her own elevator at the Plaza hotel, while other guests are forced to wait like the non-Vogue Editor-in-Chiefs that they are. [NY Times]

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