Afternoon Links: The Osama Bin Laden Death Edition

● Here’s a terrifically surreal video of wrestling superstar John Cena announcing Bin Laden’s death to fans after winning a cage match in Tampa. [YouTube] ● Donald Trump has released a statement congratulating President Obama on last night’s big kill. [The Oval/USA Today] ● The San Diego Padres will wear camouflage uniforms tonight in honor of the NAVY SEALS who shot Bin Laden in the head. [TMZ]

● Rush Limbaugh did the rare but honorable thing, commending President Obama for expertly fucking with Bin Laden’s shit. [Daily Intel] ● Looks like we’re not the only ones turning to sex to understand the ramifications of Bin Laden’s death. TMZ asks if the president did it with Michelle following last night’s speech. [TMZ] ● Pictures of a dead, blown-out Bin Laden head circulating the net are fake, but it’s only a matter of time before the real ones are released/leaked. [Telegraph]

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