Afternoon Links: Charlie Sheen Back Where He Belongs, Madonna Off to Cannes

● Uh oh. Charlie Sheen was just rushed to the hospital from his home in L.A. No, Charlie! Oh, wait. Two young girls were seen exiting the house at the same time. Go Charlie! [TMZ] ● Kanye West follows one person on Twitter, and her name is Kim Kardashian. Can he please stop being so avant-garde? [Media Takeout] ● Ron Howard is a little late on the “wanting Javier Bardem to appear in your movie about a lone cowboy on a quest to find a metaphorical tower” train, but better late than never. [Deadline]

● The Cannes Film Festival just got some much needed star power: Madonna will premiere her directorial effort, W.E., at the poorly-attended fest. [Perez] ● Lifetime is slamming the gas pedal on a movie called William & Kate, about the future King of England and his prized stallion, who also happens to be called Kate. [TV Guide] ● Rupert Murdoch’s iPad-only news “paper,” The Daily, will officially launch on February 2. We look forward to their flashy new gossip column, Screen Six. Ba-dum…..ching? [HuffPo/AP]

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