Afternoon Links: Benicio Del Toro Is Preggers, ‘Arthur’ Is Number Three

● Kimberly Stewart, of all people, is pregnant with Benicio del Toro’s child. Remember all those times you were embarrassed by your father? The opposite is going to happen to this kid. [Life & Style] ● Here’s a quickie video of a random photographer calling John Galliano a ‘fucking racist’ at LAX. [TMZ] ● Jim Carrey took a razor to the sides of his head, and now I’m writing about it. What that says about the world we live in (and myself) is too depressing to contemplate. [Jim Carrey/Twitter]

● Breaking! After initial reports of Arthur besting Hanna for the number two spot at this weekend’s box office, final tallies reveal that the opposite has happened. Russel Brand: King of Hollywood for less than a day. Sorry, mate! [Deadline] ● Steve Carell’s April 28th swan song on The Office will air from 9 to 9:50pm. Those extra ten minutes before 30 Rock are for you to contemplate a suddenly meaningless existence (and to Tweet your brains out). [Deadline] ● Here’s a video of Stefani Germanotta falling on stage in Houston. Notice how close her head came to hitting that piano. If anyone was going to die for their music, it’s this one. [YouTube]

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