Adorable Airport Scooter: Hours of Layover Fun

Running for a flight, tossing elbows on the moving walkway, hopping on a beeping passenger cart — there could really be a more dignified way to scoot around massive airports. To that end, Francisco Lupin, a Buenos Aires designer, has created a an adorable electric-powered scooter that folds into a piece of carry-on luggage when not in use. Too bad it’s not actually for sale.

The scooter is just a design concept at this point. In theory, the scooter would be powered by four 12 V batteries giving two hours of battery life. There would be a power plug in the front part of the scooter that could use either 110v or 220v, whichever is available. It would be able to carry up to 240 pounds. No word yet on how you’d get it through security.

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