Act Like a Spoiled Celebrity at Peninsula Beverly Hills

Sunday night’s Golden Globes were kind of a mess. Speeches were awful, some winners were undeserving, and, contrary to prevailing opinion, there wasn’t nearly enough Ricky Gervais, whose inappropriate comments made the show worth watching. Seriously, Foreign Press, can we invite him back next year? One of the positive aspects of the Golden Globes is that the awards show helps inspire actors who daydream about being Golden Globe winners. In fact, this year they deliberately brought on super-young celebrities as hosts (Zac Efron, Justin Beiber, that vampire guy) to lure a younger demographic. And maybe that awkward acceptance speech (here’s looking at you, Natalie Portman) will ultimately become a reality for a handful of those wanna-be thespians. But in the meantime, aspiring actors of all ages can live vicariously through the nominees at The Peninsula Beverly Hills.

The Peninsula Beverly Hills recently launched a “Red Carpet-Ready Experience,” a package that lets you feel like a celebrity for a day. The experience begins in your hotel room or suite, where a professional stylist will give you a glam make-over, including hair and make-up. Heck, they even throw in fancy jewelry from the hotel’s very own Henri J. Sillam boutique. After you’re camera ready, award-winning photographer Ryan Forbes (Elle, Conde Nast Traveler, Town & Country) will snap away in the Living Room or Roof Garden or in front of the hotel’s Rolls Royce. The Peninsula Beverly Hills will also throw in a backdrop used at Hollywood movie premieres and an unfurled red carpet to make it seem more authentic. All this, including final 8×10 color portraits, for the nominal price of $950. Unfortunately, paparazzi, groupies, and extras (or “talent,” as they now say in Hollywood) not included.

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