A Tanteo Tequila Valentine’s Day Cocktail

Last night, at Casa Tanteo in Soho, two mixologists went head-to-head in a boozy battle for the tequila brand’s popular “Mexican Standoff” series. Kevin Denton of The Roof Top at Gramercy Park Hotel and Ben Demarchelier of L’oubli were put to the test behind the bar, where they whipped up drinks for a panel of judges that included Tanteo’s in-house mixologist Jason Mendenhall, Johnny Swet of Hotel Griffou, James Jung of NBC’s The Feast, Renee Lucas of CITY magazine, and CBS Sunday Morning correspondent Serena Altschul.

During three 15-minute segments, the mixologists conjured up creative cocktails using Tanteo Cocoa, Tanteo Jalapeno, and Tanteo Tropical, and the evening’s secret ingredients: kumquats, fennel, and cardamon. Denton was eventually crowned the winner, scoring top points in two out of three rounds. And lucky for you, we managed to get our hands on the recipe for Denton’s prize-winner, a perfect Valentine’s Day cocktail.

If There Ain’t Pink in It, I Ain’t Drinkin’ It

2 oz of Tanteo Cocoa .75 oz of Lime Juice .5 oz of Orange Juice .5 oz of simple syrup 3 Kumquats 1 Orange Peel Add ingredients into shaker, muddle Strain into highball glass and top with espuma

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