A Roundup Of Our Roundups of New Year’s Eve Parties in LA, NYC, Chicago, and Miami

It’s New Year’s Eve. Do you know what you’re doing tonight? This is important, so don’t screw it up. If you’re at the wrong party, you will know nothing but failure through the entirety of 2013. You have but one shot to start the year on the right note, partying at the right spot to the right music while drinking the right cocktails with the right people, so that at the magic moment of midnight, the stars will align and imbue you with the righteous energy of the cosmos or something. And yet everybody is different, which means we can’t choose a party for you. We can only offer a menu of healthy options, one of which is certain to deliver the summation of your hopes and dreams on this auspicious early-winter evening. What I’m trying to say is we’ve compiled lists of the hottest New Year’s Eve parties in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Miami, and you can look at them for last-minute ideas, or just to have an awareness of what some cool people are doing tonight. Auld Lang Syne, everybody. 

The Top New Year’s Eve Parties in NYC

The Top New Year’s Eve Parties in LA

The Top New Year’s Eve Parties in Chicago

The Top New Year’s Eve Parties in Miami

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