A Loupe Art Guide to Denver – Featuring Artist Johnny Draco

Museum of Contemporary Art Denver


Denver is oft regarded as either a gateway to Colorado’s posh ski resorts, or a place where a lot of oil and banking deals go down. But it’s actually got a thriving art scene, anchored by the newly renovated Museum of Contemporary Art.

Our fave new art app Loupe – which allows anyone with a phone, computer or television to possess a thoughtfully curated “virtual art gallery” – also gets it. They signed Denver artist Johnny Draco right from the start as part of their stable of exciting, boundary-pushing creatives. Draco is a self-taught artist from Atlanta, whose provocative post-pop work crosses references from Japan and America, mixing childhood nostalgia with elements of humor, mystery and even menace.

He says of the geographically lofty capital he now calls home, “Usually cities are always moving fast. Denver instead has a relaxed vibe to it. But the art can be really majestic, much like the mountains that surround the city.”

Draco actually moved to Denver to work for Kidrobot. We asked him to guide as through where the local creative community can usually be found socializing, shopping or just being inspired by other artists.

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Museum of Contemporary Art Denver

‬MCA Denver is one of my new favorite places. Went there for a Basquiat exhibit and thoroughly enjoyed it. Even when you finish all the exhibits, you can go to the rooftop to enjoy drinks and conversations with friends.

Black Book Gallery

Black Book is a pretty active contemporary art hub in Denver. I went to a few shows there and really loved the pieces on display.



Fice Gallery

Fice is a fairly new establishment. It serves as a gallery, as well as a streetwear boutique carrying brands such as Staple, Nike, Vans, Asics, and others. The art they show is always interesting.

Svper Ordinary

Svper Ordinary serves as both a gallery and boutique. The art and products they sell there are generally what you wouldn’t necessarily find anywhere else. Even the atmosphere is unique in itself.



Dae Gee

If you have never had Korean BBQ before in Denver, I would say this is a good place to start. I had it for the first time this year and I have to say my mind was blown. The whole atmosphere and vibe of this place is pretty amazing. The creative team at Kidrobot and I get together regularly to go here.


Bones has become one of my favorite noodle spots in Denver. The ramen there is among the best I’ve had, especially having a bit of a French twist to how the food is made. If you’re out enjoying the scene in Denver, this is definitely the place to end your art-filled evening



Mutiny Information Café

Mutiny has become one of my favorite places to go. There is a great selection of used books in there, and once in awhile you might find a real gem. They also have live bands there from time to time. It’s just one of those places you know you’re going to love.

First Draft Taproom + Kitchen

If you’re really into beer and just a great environment, I would suggest going here with some of your close mates. They have a wide array of beers choose from, and on top of that you pour the drinks yourself. Everything there is charged by the ounce, so getting a chance to try a real variety is pretty cool, especially when you’re not trying to break the bank.


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