$9 Flights on Jet America

imageWatch out Jet Blue, Southwest, and Virgin America — upstart Jet America is after your customers. Jet America is following in the footsteps of airlines like EasyJet and Ryanair, offering ridiculously low prices on flights, then nickel and diming the hell out of you. Each flight will offer nine $9 one-way seats, and as of now, the airline flies between Lansing, New York (Newark), Detroit, Toledo, Minneapolis, South Bend, and Orlando. Fees start ticking as soon as you choose flights. There’s already a $5 “convenience fee” to book online, which is better than the $20 fee to book on the phone, so either way you slice it, your $9 ticket will jump to $14, if not $29.

Baggage fees are $20 each way, and everything from surf boards to bicycles to pets are $50 each. Also, an unaccompanied minor will cost $50, but a “lap child” is still free. Phew. The nine $9 seats are hard to come by, when I tried to book some flights in August out of Newark this morning, all I could come up with was $39 each way tickets, which is already getting into Southwest’s territory. Looks like this bargain airline could be great if you travel light and plan ahead, but otherwise it might not be such a great bargain. Also, don’t confuse Jet America with Jet America LTD — the private jet airliner. Flights start on July 13.

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