5 Things Not to Do in NYC, According to Simian Mobile Disco

The last run-in I had with Simian Mobile Disco was kind of strange. I was in bed on the early side when my door suddenly burst open and the Klaxons enter along with James Ford (of Simian Mobile Disco) and my roommate Cat (she’ll kill me for saying this, but she was the “white girl” in the band Fannypack). The Klaxons had performed on Dave Letterman that day, and seeing as I was the only one in my apartment that had a TV (and the fact they were just around the corner), they wanted to see themselves in action. This was almost two years ago, and the boys are still insane as ever—in a good way. James had mentioned something about working on a new album, and lo and behold, they promoted it last night at Santos’. Simian Mobile Disco (James Ford and James Shaw) is no stranger to NYC, and could actually work as ambassadors for our lovely city. So pay attention to their five things not to do in the Big Apple.

Don’t stay in your hotel room NYC is probably our favorite city to visit in the world. There is so much to do it’s almost impossible to get bored. There is great food on every corner and just wandering around still feels like being on a film set.

Don’t go to McDonald’s There are hundreds of better options for a good burger. Why not try Walker’s in Tribeca or Diner under the Williamsburg bridge or 5 Leaves in Greenpoint?

Don’t go with a full suitcase Clothes shopping in NYC is second to none. You can find every normal shop in Soho, but if you head towards the Lower East Side/East Village, there are some of the best secondhand shops ever.

Don’t go to Starbucks It was always said that it was impossible to get good coffee in NYC, but times have changed. Why not try La Colombe in Manhattan or Blue Bottle Coffee in Brooklyn?

Don’t get a cab everywhere Although yellow cabs are everywhere, New York has quite a small footprint, so its amazing to walk around. You can always find a hidden cocktail bar/pizza slice/boutique guitar pedal shop, that you never knew existed.

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