4AM DJ Tour Diary: Mia Moretti & Caitlin Moe Go to Paris

As a manager and partner at 4AM DJs, I’m always arranging performances, events, and photo shoots around the world. Every day, the reports I get back from my DJs sound like the kinds of wild adventures that I rarely get to be a part of as a desk jockey. The people who flock to these stellar international events get to experience the end result of months of prep, but do they really know what a day in the life of a DJ is like? In this monthly column, you’ll hear first-hand accounts of DJ war stories, with photos and videos from the world’s best to show for it. In this Tour Diary, you’ll read about It girl DJ Mia Moretti and her partner in crime, violinist Caitlin Moe, as they make their way to Paris for a gala at the Louvre Pyramid. It’s a whirlwind, 24-hour trip, just enough time to eat drink, and expand their wardrobes. Yours truly, Adam Alpert.

We just landed in Paris, and we’ve got 24 hours to get dressed, get our faces on, get to the Louvre for the 2nd Liaisons au Louvre gala, and get back on a plane to New York City. How very Cinderella of us.

The first gala, which Duran Duran performed at, was the first time in history that the Louvre allowed a performance inside the I.M. Pei-designed glass pyramid. This year, they called upon the queen of pop herself, Miss Janet Jackson.

Caitlin and I were asked to perform an opening DJ & violin set leading up to Janet’s performance, which might just be our favorite gig yet (yes, even better than playing for you, Bill Clinton). But it isn’t all fun and games for us two professional party crashers—we had some major work ahead. So off we went to the Sonya Rykiel Paris showroom on Blvd. St. Germain to pull from her personal archives (thank you very much, Mr. Horne, for setting up our appointment with the most gracious and beautiful Clara Noujain). image All that hard work deserved a little reward, and in Paris a little reward comes in the form of a bottle of rose and a plate of fromage. Now, back to the hotel to make a beauty of the now tipsy, fat, and jet-lagged beast. Surprise, surprise! Back at the hotel, what was waiting for us but more dresses! One of my favorite new French designers, Carven, had sent over bags of dresses, corsets, collars, and bustiers galore.

A little powder, a little blush, a lot of lashes, and we’re off. To be playing inside the Louvre and hearing the strings echo through the pyramid is nothing short of magic. The party-goers danced until the sun came up, and we ran out of there just in time to catch our 7am pumpkin, er, flight.

Merci Paris! You are everything!


Mia & Caitlin

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