36,000 Feet Above the Poverty Line

JetBlue’s claim of having “the most legroom in coach” is the total opposite of false advertising. That’s because it’s just so fucking true. Yesterday evening, on a regrettably short return flight from New Orleans, we found our legs fully extended while surfing through 36 channels of live television (“Top Chef” marathon + Stanley Cup finals + “So You Think You Can Dance” = Indecision ’08).

The flight was so comfy, and we were so snug, that when the pilot told us to prepare for our “descent into New York City,” it was a total come down. This didn’t feel like coach. Lights were dimmed to a toasty level, our seat reclined just right, and a look out the window revealed a darkening blue sky that fired into burning reds and oranges upon the horizon, while civilization glittered below. It was sublime. And The Rundown was playing on FX. Maybe it was the nostalgia of having cable again, or perhaps the free bag of Doritos snack mix is what won us over. Either way, JetBlue is one heck of an airline.

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