1Oak’s Woodsmen Take the Party to Carolina

“Whether you’re single and ready to mingle or are searching for some ‘QT’ with the spouse before sending the babysitter home, there’s plenty of nightlife in Charlotte”: this is how Charlotte’s Got a Lot characterizes nightlife in Charlotte, North Carolina. Not a tag line you’d associate with New York City clubs like 1Oak and Butter, but that didn’t stop Scott Sartiano and Richie Akiva, the owners of these long standing nightlife hotspots to open a Butter outpost in Sartiano’s hometown. Butter Charlotte opened on Friday, February 19th with Manhattan nightlifers like Adam Alpert and DJ Sinatra, DJ Jus Ske, Butter supporters like Nicky Hilton and the Black Eyed Peas bringing a little bit of Manhattan to NC and perhaps reviving the deep seeded interest in Manhattan’s own celeb hang with the surprising long-standing Monday night party.

image Fergie wears her sunglasses at night, in the DJ booth with Nicky Hilton and her Peas.

image Those sparkly things that come out with bottles in Manhattan clubs also set the scene in Charlotte. Only dangerous if you try to blow them out.

image NYC gal-about-town Jessie Schuster gives party maestro Adam Alpert an earfull over the sounds of the Peas.

image Scott Sartiano is surprised by the turn out when he finally looks up from his BlackBerry.

image Fergie takes off her sunglasses for black and white photographs.

image Nicky dance/poses, sparkly things are gone.

image The Butter-greased staircase.

image Pre-mayhem.

image I think they should have named it Margarine.

Photos: Jon Alagem via Facebook

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