10 Things Taylor Momsen Hates About Life on the Road

Last fall, after flipping off most of the Upper East Side, Gossip Girl’s Taylor Momsen toured the country in support of Light Me Up, her surprisingly accomplished debut album with The Pretty Reckless. Well, yesterday it was confirmed that Momsen (and former costar Jessica Szohr) won’t be returning to the show that made her famous enough to have a music career in the first place. Now that she’s a full-time rock star, we wanted to find out how she likes life on the road. Let’s just say, Little J. wouldn’t last an hour.

1. I hate many things about touring, but the worst is the lack of showering. The guys I’m on the road with start to smell like moldy cheese a er a week.

2. I hate playing shows outside during the daytime. Rock music needs lights!

3. I hate when they forget the Red Bull on our catering rider. How else am I supposed to work on no sleep?

4. I hate when the bus driver stops abruptly and I fall out of my bunk. I still have a bruise from the last time.

5. I hate Porta-Pottys. Umm… no thanks. If the town dump smells better than the bathroom facilities, that’s a problem!

6. I hate fast food. (Although I will make an exception for Del Taco.)

7. I hate syncing period cycles with the other women on tour. It’s not necessarily bad for me, but I’m sure the guys don’t appreciate it.

8. I hate when my dog, Petal, can’t come on the road with me. Ever since the “incident” that took place in our guitar player’s shoes, she hasn’t really been embraced by the guys.

9. I hate going through customs, especially at 4am when we were sleeping!

10. I hate when my manager tries to make me wear pants.

Photo by Lauren Dukoff.

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