Your Expert Guide to Drinking (& Nibbling) Around Brooklyn

How is it that despite the seemingly endless openings of new bars in Brooklyn, when it’s time to decide where to go it feels like there are only three options at most, all of which you’ve frequented for years…and have probably grown sick of?
It’s crucial to have an expert’s advice in matters of the heart and of alcohol, which is why we enlisted Alamo Drafthouse Beverage Director Vincent Favella, to tap into his five favorite secret drinking establishments in the borough, as well as his five favorite bar / food crossovers.
Prepare to drink with dignity.

Top 5 Best Underground Bars

The Brooklyn Inn

VF: The Brooklyn Inn is one of Brooklyn’s oldest bars and feels like a blast from the past, where I’d drink anything that makes me feel like it’s the 19th Century.

Dirty Precious and Jupiter Disco


VF: For 2 more recent openings (this century), I love Dirty Precious, with a bar staff that is seasoned in everything from upscale classic cocktails to beer & wine; and Jupiter Disco, that also does the impossible of making all the people happy all the time with wonderful cocktails, sound, DJs, ambience, etc.


VF: If you are looking for a Classic Cocktail from the Sasha Petraske templates, look no further than Featherweight.

The Narrows

VF: The Narrows got into the coolest neighborhood on Earth before all the rest with awesome staff, decor, backyard – it’s also a food and beverage industry favorite.

5 Best Food/ Bar Combos

Grand Army


VF: Grand Army is great for a delicious lite snack or a full meal – and never disappoints.

Maison Premiere

VF: Maison Premiere will take you to New Orleans without leaving New York…with atmosphere and the best service this side of the mighty Mississippi.


VF: Desnuda does the same for South America, with new finds on every visit.


VF: Leyenda, specializing in Mexico and all it’s deliciousness, has amazing service, food and drink – from the ownership & general manager all the way to support staff.


VF: Lighthouse may be considered by some as more of a restaurant, with amazing dinner and brunch; but the owners are bar people at heart and the clientele is almost all industry.
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