Wylie Dufresne’s Du’s Donuts Will Have a Limited-Run Home in Soho This Fall

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There’s a great scene in the Simpsons episode The Day the Earth Stood Cool, where Homer’s new hipster friend Terrance explains to him that when his painfully hip, sold-from-a-truck Devil Donuts are sold out, they’re sold out – utterly baffling the more-is-more Homer.

Wylie Dufrense’s Du’s Donuts & Coffee, now a fixture of the Brooklyn indie culinary scene, will be bringing the same philosophy to Soho as of Friday, October 6. Indeed, a pop-up outpost will be the new feature of Chefs Club Counter at 62 Spring Street, seven days a week this autumn. And in true hipster fashion, each day, when they’re gone, they’re gone. (Take that, mass-marketed pastry industry.)

Expect all those mind-altering, taste-bud-bending flavors like Peanut Butter & Yuzu, Brown Butter Key Lime and Honey Fennel Pollen…along with a few surprises, surely.

Dufresne, of course, won post-Millennial plaudits with his avant-garde cooking at WD-50 on the LES – which closed ceremoniously in 2015. Like so many of his contemporaries, he has gone and ditched the high-concepting for something decidedly more fun and comforting. And surely, we need Banana Melt donuts more than ever.