10 Exquisite Ice Creams You’ll Definitely be Eating This Summer

Above image: Wooly’s 

I scream, you scream – we all scream when we watch the political circus playing out across our television screens. Luckily, ice cream cures almost everything; and it’s much tastier than Xanax.

And as you might expect, summer in New York brings wildly adventurous flavor creations (though we’d strongly recommend against anything with beetroot in it), which will make you forget you ever heard the words “Rocky Road.” Here are some of our favorites.


Wooly’s NYC

Shaved snow, with flavor combos like Party Rocks featuring Fruity Pebbles or Sea Salt Leche. Who knew snow could be so hot?


Shaved ice cream is the frozen trend you never knew you needed. Sourced from local dairies in Hudson Valley, it doesn’t get fresher or tastier. Pick a base like toasted black sesame or vegan coconut and top with anything from Pocky Sticks to Cap’n Crunch. Summer is suddenly a lot cooler.

Ube Kitchen

Ube ice cream, a frozen treat from the Philippines, made with mashed ube, a purple tuber, as a base. A plant based frozen treat? A dessert you can feel good about.



Van Leeuwen

From a single ice cream truck to multiple brick and mortar locations in Brooklyn and downtown Manhattan and vegan versions of most flavors, everyone leaves happy. Try their Toasted Coconut with Hibiscus Cherry Jam and Black Pepper or Milk Chocolate Birthday Cake.

Chinatown Ice Cream Factory

This Chinatown family-run outpost has been serving scoops for over 30 years. Who wouldn’t keep coming back to Black Sesame Ice Cream or Red Bean or a sweet treat from a Malaysian leaf called Pandan?


Can’t get out of the country to travel? Stay local but eat adventurously with the robust Indian flavors in this Brooklyn gem. A bite of Golden Turmeric accented with ginger or rose with cinnamon roasted almonds and travel and you’ll never want to leave New York. Also available at Williamsburg’s Smorgasburg.



Oddfellows Ice Cream

Chocotort, Black Pepper Fig and Matcha Crunch deliciously push the flavor envelope. With Locations in Williamsburg and lower Manhattan, this scoop is worth the trip.


When in the West village, pop into Popbar, the only frozen gelato on a stick you’ll ever need. Hand-made gelato and sorbetto are formed and dipped in toppings like chocolate and pistachio.



Morgenstern’s Ice Cream of NYC

It isn’t your typical scoop shop. Every month they dub a new “Sorbae,” or monthly pin-up calendar showcasing arts and culture. Also, the ice cream is pretty fab. Whether you indulge in the Vietnamese coffee, the King Kong Banana Split or Black Coconut Ash topped with Sweet Potato Caramel, you simply can’t go wrong.

Ice & Vice

Don’t expect Ice & Vice, the hot and heavy impending summer star, to carry your faves. They take ice cream to the next level. Pickles of the Caribbean is a combination of pickled pineapple jam with rum and coconut and Olive Garden has black garlic, olive oil and sweet corn crumble. Your next favorite ice cream flavor is in there somewhere.


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