‘Your Super’ Founders Beat Cancer to Build Superfoods Empire


With a new trendy diet or fitness plan taking over social media each week, it’s hard to commit to one healthy lifestyle. But one brand that seems to be winning over influencers all over is Your Super. And with a business model that makes superfoods accessible to people all over the world, while offering only the best quality ingredients, it’s easy to see what the fuss is about.

Michael Kuech and Kristel de Groot’s story starts at Valdosta State in Georgia. Both on the tennis team, de Groot schooled Kuech on the court. Over the next four years, their relationship endured long distances during their masters programs. But in 2013, Kuech was diagnosed with cancer. At only 24, he underwent surgery and chemo, which took a heavy toll on his body.

In order to help rebuild his immune system, de Groot made him a green juice detox. Having grown up with nutritionists in her family, she was used to leading a healthy lifestyle.

“From a very young age, I really realized the impact that food can have on your mood,” she says. “So that was something I found very interesting. I began to develop a certain respect for my body.”



It was the same respect Kuech began to discover as he regained his energy. As his health came back, he became interested in the restorative powers of the superfoods that saved his life; and together, they explored the indigenous roots of them and how they work.

“There was an unexpected return of life,” he says. “I felt at 24 that I was invincible, being an athlete and just coming back from traveling. It was very unexpected. So, after that, I had to pause and think about what it really means and how to make sure it never happens again.”

With that new passion for healthy living, they decided to share these superfoods with as many people as possible. Your Super was born out of the mission to make the more accessible for both the health novice and the underprivileged.

Meeting with nutritionists, they started to formulate their product. From an organic certified mixing room in Amsterdam, they began mixing by hand. Coming up with simple superfoods that were both easy to use and drawn from natural ingredients, they created seven functional mixes.

“The product will always stay clean,” de Groot said. “You will never find any natural flavoring, stevia, any of these things. We really want to be transparent. You don’t have to turn around the package to actually see this is a truly clean product, not just the brand saying it.”



With five ingredients maximum and no additives, each mix meets a different function with a different delicious flavor. From berries for beauty to matcha for focus and chocolate for feeling good, there’s something for everyone.

Sourcing from all over the world, their suppliers meet a rigorous qualifying process, ensuring transparency, organic quality, and fair labor. And partnering with Action Against Hunger, they also give back to these rural communities, providing life-saving food to malnourished children. It’s all part of what makes Your Super both a socially and environmentally conscious brand.

“Our vision is to become a trusted, honest, and functional food brand,” Kuech said. “When people buy Your Super, they know exactly where it’s coming from, that it has a positive impact on people. We really want to make it easier for people to eat healthier.”

As the brand continues to evolve, social media influencers have taken notice. Your Super’s loyal customer base new spans the globe.

For products and recipes, visit Your Super.


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