Yeezy Follows Through On Adidas Collab Post Nike Beef

Kanye West didn’t waste any time after his breakup with Nike last year — he went right into a new relationship with Adidas. The fruits of their partnership are almost here — Yeezy for Adidas hits stores in June, officially. ‘Ye announced the release date after performing at an Adidas global brand conference in Germany.

Here’s hoping Kanye’s relationship with Adidas is less rocky than the one he destroyed with Nike. Kanye voiced his contentious feelings toward Nike’s┬áCEO, Mark Parker at a concert in New York this past November:

“They let me sip that clean water when they let me make them Yeezys, and they saw how the universe reacted. They tried to make it as small as possible. Mark Parker even talked shit, talking ’bout he don’t even know why people like the Yeezys. They liked them like they liked the Jordans because I was in fourth grade getting kicked out for drawing Jordans, for being connected to that emotion as a creative.”

Watch the full tirade below:

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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