World Goth Day, Redux – Awesome New ‘Dark Nouveau’ Compilation is a Fitting Tribute to Scott Walker

She Past Away



Last week, while others were busy prepping for Memorial Day getaways, we were deep in the throes of World Goth Day “celebrations” – even presenting an exclusive feature with Bauhaus drummer Kevin Haskins.

We were, of course, sad to see it end. But wouldn’t you know, just as we were packing up our goth party accoutrements, a rather monumental compilation popped into our in-box from Metropolis Records, fittingly titled Dark Nouveau. The stunningly realized and remarkably cohesive digital-only release is actually dedicated to the recently deceased Scott Walker, who so decisively influenced the more caliginous end of the pop spectrum throughout his breathtaking, six-decades-long career.

The collection is also a fittingly international affair, with the estimable Naples trio Ash Code contributing “Posthuman,” Argentina’s Balvanera offering up “Compression (The Absent),” and Norway’s Antipole giving us the ethereal “Deco Blue.” We’re particularly thrilled for the the inclusion of exalted Turkish duo She Past Away with their enigmatic track “Asimlaisyon,” as well as New York’s own NOIR and their 2018 single “A Pleasure to Burn.”



“The title seems emblematic, evoking the freshness of the return of this movement,” offers Ash Code‘s Alessandro Belluccio. “The bands included are all bulwarks of a scene that lives and pulses from Europe to the States.”

What they all have in common, of course, is their ability to mine for inspiration the more tenebrous fringes of our collective existence, those which continuously fuel the aesthetic and lyrical ideology of their work. Metropolis, surely, have been particularly adept at cultivating that ideology.


Paradox Obscur

“The dark music scene is no longer just a subculture,” insists Kriistal Ann of Paradox Obscur, “but it has the power to inspire a wider audience, to define the trends of fashion and to create a new philosophy of things – where the qualities are more internal, more varied and more accurate in modern reality. The Dark Nouveau compilation is an example of all the above.”

Or as Balvanera‘s Agustina so pithily opines, “It maps a broad selection of dark sounds around the globe and in that way it calibrates the similarities and differences of what’s going on in the epicenter and elsewhere.”

Dark Nouveau will be officially released June 21 on Metropolis Records – but is currently available for pre-order.

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