Watch: The Melanie Martinez Film ‘K-12’ is a Surreal Masterpiece



As the pop music machine spits up endless reproductions of R&B pablum and Bieber-esque mediocrity, Melanie Martinez continues to skirt the perimeter fence of wild eccentricity, while still managing to decisively dart up the charts.

And indeed, new album K-12 has shot decisively to #3 on the Billboard 200 upon release today. But perhaps more startling is the eponymous ninety-two minute accompanying film, one of the most ambitious undertakings of the modern pop era.



Like some bizarre hybrid of Clueless, Carrie and Marie Antoinette, it’s an outlandish, flamboyant dark-comic horror, shot on appropriately Euro-ostentatious location in Budapest. No words could possibly do it justice, so…here it is.

Surely, nothing will ever be the same.

(N.B. Melanie Martinez’ extensive North American tour kicks off October 13 in D.C., with a portion of the proceeds benefitting The Trevor Project. The European leg of the tour will launch December 2 in Dublin.)


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