Watch: Mysterious sym fera’s ‘darkness visible’ Video Hauntingly Elucidates Our Isolation Ambivalence



We have for weeks braced ourselves for the surely coming Thom Yorke artistic response to the coronavirus crisis (Seriously, what has taken him so long?)—knowing that it will certainly willfully steal a bit more sun from our already darkened hearts.

But mysterious LA upstarts sym fera have captured that Radiohead sense of sonic alienation, without slipping into an equivalent sense of the crushingly ominous. Indeed, sounding like it was lifted from The Verve’s A Storm in Heaven sessions, new single “darkness visible” is a subtle but dramatic bit of Euro-psychedelia, with trembling verses punctuated by histrionic bursts.

Their identity remains a mystery (a near impossibility in 2020), and the accompanying video gives away little. Rather, it strings together a series of haunted isolation portraits, perfectly capturing our current reality of universal solitude.

A statement from the band reads:

“The song is basically about the isolation between one’s inner life and the world, and the feelings of both peace and dread that you can feel when you realize that everything, including other people, continues on without you, without ever coming into contact with your subjective experience. It’s simultaneously frightening but also kind of liberating, in a way, to let go like that. Sort of the bright side of always being fundamentally alone inside your own head, making peace with your own impermanence.”

Something worth seriously considering at such a time as this.


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