‘Untouchable’ Trailer: Harvey Weinstein’s Accusers Speak Out



Let’s be honest, only the most naive were shocked to learn that the Hollywood “casting couch” was still a thing. But in October 2017, the floodgates opened wide on a scandal that even by entertainment biz standards seemed particularly shameful.

Indeed, dozens of women at last came forward with stories of sexual predation by Miramax founder and industry overlord Harvey Weinstein. From it was birthed the epochal, era-defining #MeToo movement, a chance for women to proclaim very publicly that this was a situation that would categorically no longer be tolerated. Weinstein was rightly dethroned, and a conversation was initiated that to this day remains ambivalent – reminding once again of the considerable depths of patriarchal entrenchment.



Turning his own medium against him, Hulu will release Untouchable this September, a documentary assembling myriad accusations by women including such high-profile actresses as Rosanna Arquette and Paz del le Huerta. In it, Weinstein’s supposed intimidation tactics are compared to those of a “gangster.”

Justice, one hopes, will play out in a courtroom this fall; but in the meantime, these exceedingly wronged women will also have their day and their say on the small screen. Heartbreaking as it promises to be, Untouchable will surely be the season’s most essential viewing.


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