U2 Will Release ‘The Europa’ EP for Record Store Day 2019


It could readily be argued that U2’s previously seemingly unshakeable integrity took a thrashing with the hopelessly misguided 2014 “free” Apple release of Songs of Innocence. But let’s be honest – there’s a reason that they have maintained a startling level of credibility going on almost 40 years. And so we’re essentially willing to give them the necessary slack to redeem themselves.

And the boys from Dublin are kind of doing just that, with the release of the seemingly ideologically titled The Europa EP, an exclusive for Record Store Day – a charmingly gallant cultural cause, if ever. Side A (how quaint – sides) features a mashup of “Love is All We Have Left,” “Zooropa” and “New Year’s Day,” with the infamous Charlie Chapin speech from the deeply controversial 1940 film The Great Dictator (How’s that for timeless cred?); while Side B flaunts new remixes of “New Year’s Day” and “Love is All We Have Left” – though, regrettably, snippets for either were unavailable at press time.

It’s the sort of gesture to fans that decisively screams “no more corporate ass kissing.” And, for old time’s sake, we’re going to go ahead and give them the benefit of the doubt.

In typically bombastic fashion, Bono was once heard to utter: “Music can change the world, because it can change people.” And you know…he’s actually kind of right about that.

Record Store Day is April 13. Support the cause, however hopeless it may eventually prove.


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