Tracey Emin’s Bed, Christians and Gay Marriage, + Bad Waiters

Tracey Emin’s ‘My Bed’ Is Up For Sale
Few pieces of art have divided opinion quite like My Bed – in which Tracey Emin claimed to have spent a week after a bad break-up. Fifteen years on, it can be yours for an estimated price of between £800,000 and £1.2m.

How the NRA Enables Massacres
As a shooting spree leaves seven dead in California, the gun lobby is trying to thwart attempts to study gun deaths and officials who see gun violence as a public health crisis.

Did Christians Get Gay Marriage Right?
The marriage equality fight is all but won. Will the future of marriage be boring as hell, or a Bible-thumper’s idea of Sodom and Gomorrah?

Pope to Meet Sex-Abuse Victims
David Clohessy, the executive director of Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests (SNAP), said “The simple truth is this is another gesture, another public-relations coup, another nice bit of symbolism that will leave no child better off and bring no real reform to a continuing, scandal-ridden church hierarchy.”

The Worst Waiter in History
Edsel Ford Fong — the world’s most insulting waiter —  greeted patrons with a “sit down and shut up!

Miley Cyrus’s Bangerz Tour: When Sex Stops Selling
The only thing more entertaining than the Bangerz tour is witnessing the stunned expression of short-straw dads watching it with their kids. There were plenty of empty seats at the O2 and, unusually for an artist of her sway, she only played one night there.

Snowden Journalist Set To Make ‘Biggest’ Disclosure Yet
Glenn Greenwald, the journalist who helped NSA leaker Edward Snowden expose state secrets to the world, is set to make his “biggest” disclosure yet — the names of Americans the government spied on.

NYPD Officers To Carry Heroin Overdose Antidotes
Thousands of New York City police officers should soon be carrying emergency antidotes to help deal with the recent spike in heroin overdoses.


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